Houssam ABIAD
Houssam ABIAD
City of Adelaide - Councillor
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    Together We Can Create A Better Adelaide

    I love Adelaide, such an amazing melting pot of cultures and brilliant ideas. We live in the greatest city on earth; one that embraces our history, builds foundations for the present and is a canvas for our innovative future. However, I know our city can be better.

    Cities around the world are facing many social, economic and environmental challenges. Adelaide needs to be well positioned to compete and promote itself as World’s Most Livable City; hence livability and economic development go hand in hand in helping us achieve such status.

    As your Central Ward Councillor, I will continue to work with you and incorporate your ideas in visionary “big picture” solutions to better our city for residents, businesses, students and visitors.

    I believe community success delivers on business success; together we can create a Better Adelaide!