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Achievements I championed at Council 2010-2014

SA 4 Qld Flood Support – Raised $100,000

When: January 2011

What: I moved that council provides in-kind support to allow for the SA4QLD Charity Event to be held at Adelaide Town Hall with no charge for room hire.

Why: A group of South Australians, including myself, decided to get together to support Queensland flood relief efforts. Within two weeks the group managed to hold a sell-out event at the Adelaide Town Hall. The SA4QLD group raised over $100,000 for the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

Marketing on ACC Buses

When: April 2011

What: I moved that council administration provides a report on the effectiveness or otherwise of allowing commercial marketing and print materials to be placed on the inside and outside of Adelaide City Council-owned buses.

Why: To utilise council assets and help generate revenue on community buses whilst promoting local city businesses and products.

Adelaide City – Digital Strategy

When: May 2011

What: I moved that council explores opportunities in creating a Digital Strategy for the City of Adelaide.

Why: In recognising that we are in a digital era, Council must explore all options around digital economies and facilitation of technology in our City. The program led to having Adelaide win an international award at the FutureGov for Future City of the Year 2013 for Best Digital Strategy. The council team also helped deliver on Open Data Programs, better community digital engagement, the Adelaide Free Wi-Fi Network and much more.

Rundle Mall Redevelopment - $40Million

When: November 2011

What: I moved that:

  • The Council recognises Rundle Mall as a premier Tourist Precinct and welcomes the Premier's recent announcement that the State Government will allow extended trading hours in the City on public holidays.
  • Council commits for planning purposes a notional figure of $40m over the next three (3) years, with $10m to be funded through external sources.
  • Council commits to undertake a detailed design of the elements in the Rundle Mall Masterplan within the 2011-12 period to assist in informing its Draft Business Plan and Budget process for 2012-13 and beyond.
  • Having regards to the principles of good governance a report be submitted on ways in which this level of funding for the Rundle Mall Master Plan can be provided through the budget process.
  • The Lord Mayor and Chief Executive Officer be requested to have discussions with the Premier and seek State Government support for additional funding of the Rundle Mall Master Plan.
  • The Rundle Mall Management Authority be requested to have discussions with the private sector to seek support for additional funding of the Rundle Mall Master Plan.

Why: Physical retail has been on the decline for the last 10 years. With e-commerce and the presence of digital technologies, our retailers are now competing with international businesses. It is no longer about product delivery, but it is also about delivering an experience to the shopper like no other. Rundle Mall is the beating heart of Adelaide retail and the Rundle Mall Redevelopment is about creating a new experience for South Australians and tourists. Since the announcement of the redevelopment of Rundle Mall, we have seen over $500 million of private investment take place in the precinct. The new Mall has also attracted new unique retailers. Redeveloping the Mall was not just about pavers, the Mall has now double the amount of trees planted, is digital ready and will have better lighting and will provide for a safer environment for all users. The event space in the mall will also be a state-of-the-art space and will host many events and product launches. The pop-up activity in the Mall is designed to create an experience for users, with a priority given to Rundle Mall retailers to take up the opportunity of using the activation spaces. The Mall will have digital screens installed to help users enjoy a better experience with digital way-finding.

Chinese Lunar Year Street Party

When: December 2011

What: I moved that Council supports a one-off $3000 sponsorship for the China Town Adelaide Chinese Lunar Year Street Party 2012 from the sponsorship contingency budget 2011-2012.

Why: Multiculturalism is not just a celebration of our rich cultures within South Australia, but it also delivers on economic yields for our City. The Chinese community is one of those rich communities that for many years have invested in Adelaide. I will continue to support such events in the City of Adelaide that will celebrate cultural diversity and deliver on great economic benefits for our City.

East End & West End Precinct Marketing & Promotion Levy

When: January 2012

What: I moved that a report be brought to the March meeting of the appropriate Committee outlining:

  • Historic attempts (if any) made to introduce a marketing and promotional levy to the East End & West End similar to that of the Rundle Mall Levy.
  • The steps & procedures required to implement such a levy in the East End & West End.
  • The timeframes required including any methods that can help fast track the implementation of such a levy.

Why: A marketing levy in Rundle Mall has helped deliver on the success of the precinct. In Adelaide we need to start thinking about ways to market to whole of the City and not specific areas. In moving the above motion, I was aiming to get all the background information we need to make an informed decision on how we can market our retail strip extending from West Terrace via Hindley Street, Rundle Mall, Rundle Street to East Terrace.

U-Park Short Term Fees Reduction - $6-3hrs

When: May 2012


I moved that:
  • A 3 month trial is introduced, where a $6 fee for the first 3 hours, is implemented Monday – Sunday at the Wyatt, Rundle and Gawler U-Parks commencing 1 July 2012.
  • Council contributes up to $25,000 in advertising the above offer subject to the Rundle Mall Management Authority making a matching dollar for dollar contribution.

Why: I believe Uparks should serve our city better. The number one factor to why most South Australians do not shop in Adelaide is because they don’t find it accessible enough via car, and they believe car park cost is too expensive. The above motion focused on short-term parking and it helped attract more shoppers to the Rundle Mall precinct.

Victoria Square Redevelopment - -Stage 1

When: Mid 2012

What: I was the casting vote in favour of redeveloping Victoria Square (6 for, 5 against). Initially I did not support the Victoria Square Redevelopment for the simple reason that I didn’t believe Council could go at it alone.

Why: In 2010 when I was elected on the Adelaide City Council I was not supportive of the Victoria Square Project. Although I did believe the project had many merits, I simply couldn’t see how the Council could go at it alone without the support of the State Government. The Victoria Square Project Budget had $60 million as a budget line for redevelopment. I insisted the budget be split in half to support the ailing Mall at the time. Looking back now, I am proud that I supported the Victoria Square Redevelopment.

Bert Flugelman – Commemoration Plaque

When: February 2013

What: I moved that the administration brings a report to the relevant Committee looking into erecting a commemoration plaque in Rundle Mall near or adjacent to the spheres, also known as the Rundle Mall Balls, acknowledging and paying tribute to Mr Bert Flugelman’s contribution to our City, street art and culture.

Why: Adelaide has great public art. The most recognised of them all are the Malls Balls, originally created as The Spheres by the late artist Mr Bert Flugelman.

Adelaide, the City of Entrepreneurs

When: March 2013

What: That a report is brought back to the City Culture & Community Services Committee exploring the opportunity of naming Adelaide the “City of Entrepreneurs”. The report should include and should not be limited to:

  • Current State Government position on supporting entrepreneurial activity within the City of Adelaide.
  • Current Council position on supporting entrepreneurial activity within the City of Adelaide.

Why: Adelaide needs to be the City of Entrepreneurs by default not by choice. Today, we need to be the change we want to see in our future. This motion is designed to set council on the course of assisting in the economic development of our State. Already, Council is recognising the importance of eliminating red tape and how we can play a role in supporting start-up, small and established businesses in Adelaide.

Old Royal Adelaide Hospital – East End

When: March 2013

What: I moved that a report is brought back to the City Infrastructure & Public Works Committee exploring the future opportunities for the current Royal Adelaide Hospital Site. The report should include and should not be limited to:

  • Current opportunities being explored by the State Government for the site.
  • Opportunities Council may recommend for the site moving forward, helping form a position in the best interest of the City of Adelaide.
  • The Social & Economic impact on the East End of the City with the hospital moving.

Why: This motion has the ball rolling on a series of events that were not expected. In moving the motion, I was hoping the State Government had a plan for the Old Royal Adelaide Hospital site. I have been a trader in the East End of Adelaide with a hospitality business for over eight years; I have personally done my own research based on my customer base to determine what percentage of clients are from the hospital. On average, over 30% of my daily customers were hospital staff or visitors. In recognising the severity of the impact, speaking to fellow traders, residents and the precinct group, I have decided to formulate the above motion. The Adelaide City Council and the community still awaits part three of the motion, and we wait in anticipation of the economic and social impact report on the East End as a result of the move.

Car Park Tax

When: March 2013

What: I moved that Council:

  • Notes the State Government Transport Development Levy Proposal and information provided by the Administration in Item 14 on the Agenda for the meeting of the Adelaide City Council held on 26 March 2013;
  • Advises the State Government that it does not support the Levy and requests the State Government to withdraw its proposal to introduce the Levy;
  • Requests the State Government to make public all details used for modelling it has undertaken on the impacts of the proposed Levy, and any alternative considerations, to facilitate public debate.

Why: In the absence of an Integrated Transport Strategy for South Australia, the car park tax should never be implemented; especially it should never be focused purely on the CBD. The Car Park Tax would undermine city businesses by increasing parking costs dramatically.

Strategic Development Plan for the West End Precinct

When: April 2013

What: I moved that:

  • Council recognise that Adelaide’s West End is emerging as a significant retail, cultural, educational and health precinct.
  • Council commits to undertake a strategic development plan process for the West End, subject to the outcome of Item 3 of this motion, with a particular focus on:
    1. Defining the West End Precinct boundaries, zones and streets included.
    2. Current Major Projects and how they complement and interconnect with each other to determine the fabric of the West End Precinct moving forward, with projects to include and not limited to the University of South Australia expansion, the New Royal Adelaide Hospital, SA Health and Medical Research Institute, River Bank development, the Adelaide Oval redevelopment and the associated bridge over the River Torrens, Bank Street and Leigh Street.
    3. Opportunities to advocate, influence and facilitate the optimum retail and hospitality mix to support day and night economies, attract visitors to the West End, and identify ways to support the development of business services associated with these major projects.
    4. Public realm upgrade considerations, including opportunities for quick wins, with a focus on showcasing the cultural & heritage elements of the West End.
    5. How the precinct compliments and interconnects with Rundle Mall, the East End, Victoria Square, the Central Markets and other neighbouring precincts.
    6. Governance and precinct management model.
  • Council requests that a report be brought to the Planning & Development Committee covering project scope, approach, the role for Council, estimated budget, resources and timing and how this strategic development plan will be provided for via the budget process 2013-2014 & 2014-2015.

Why: In recognising the redevelopment of UniSA West from Morphett to West Terrace, the redevelopment of Rundle Mall and the already developed Rundle Street, I moved the motion above for council to explore a Master Plan for the City’s West, specifically the strip of Hindley Street connecting King William to Morphett Street. With the move of football to the city, the development of the biomedical precinct, the River Bank and the Convention Centre Redevelopment, there will be plenty of organic opportunities for the development of Hindley Street. The above motion gets the ball rolling.

Compulsory Voting for Capital City Adelaide

When: September 2013

What: I moved that Council forward the following motion to the Local Government Association for inclusion in their AGM to be held on the 24 and 25 October 2013: That this Local Government Association Annual General Meeting request the LGA to support the Adelaide City Council in an approach to the South Australian Government to change the current legislative arrangements around voting for Capital City Local Government elections making them compulsory in the future.

That a report be submitted to the appropriate Committee in October 2013 on the Adelaide City Council approaching the South Australian Government to change the current legislative arrangements around voting for Capital City Local Government elections making them compulsory in the future.

Why: Local Government is the closest to the people. It is the only level of government that is able to evoke change very quickly, yet many constituents do not vote. With approximately 30% voting in local government for Adelaide, candidates spend more time reminding constituents to vote rather than engaging them and communicating policy that could benefit them and the community at large.

Place Making in Ebenezer Pl & Vardon Av

When: October 2013

What: I moved that a report be presented to the next City Infrastructure & Public Works Committee identifying opportunities for place-making through shared or mixed zones in both Ebenezer Place and Vardon Avenue.

Why: With the increase of hospitality outlets in the East End, the area is experiencing more pedestrians than ever. For the safety of residents, pedestrians and for the prosperity of businesses in the area, I was approached by constituents to look at ways to calm traffic, improve cleanliness, better green the area and make it more pedestrian friendly. We are currently awaiting a report from Council Administration on options.

Adelaide Festival Support

When: February 2014

What: I moved that:

Council approves $25k additional sponsorship funding to the Adelaide Festival Corporation for the 2014 Adelaide Festival from the 2013/2014 sponsorship contingency budget.

Why: Supporting a great festival that attracts national and international attention. The Adelaide Festival delivers on huge economic returns to our businesses and city tourism.

Christmas in the City

When: April 2014

What: I moved that Council requests:

1. That a report be brought to the City Culture & Community Services Committee of Council outlining a 3-5 year Strategy for ‘Christmas in the City’, including opportunities for decorations, lighting and promotions.

Why: On request from many precinct groups to help them better celebrate Christmas in the City, I moved the motion above. I believe celebrating Christmas in Adelaide should be a national event that attracts people from all over Australia. We must light up our City.

Electronic Voters Roll

When: April 2014

What: What: I moved that:

Council writes to the Electoral Commission asking them to consider a request that any time between the close of nominations and polling day, a nominated candidate for a City of Adelaide election can obtain a copy of the voters roll in printed or electronic form (and during that period, obtain further copies of the voters roll in printed or electronic form on payment of fees fixed by the Council).

In the event, that the Electoral Commissioner is not able to facilitate such a request, that Council writes to the State Government seeking an amendment to Schedule 1 Part 2 (3) of the City of Adelaide Act to enable printed or electronic provision of the City of Adelaide voters role.

Why: Federal and State Government Candidates get the Roll Electronically. Local Governments should move forward with the times.

Car Park Tax – Transport Development Levy

When: May 2014

What: I moved that Council:

  • Notes the Transport Development Levy Bill 2013 (SA) and information provided by the administration as set out in Item 12 on the Agenda for the meeting of the Finance & Corporate Governance Committee on the 20th May 2014.
  • Reaffirms its position that it will not support the Transport Development Levy Bill 2013 (SA) in any shape or form, taking into account the administration's report as set out in Item 12 highlighting, if introduced, the sever impacts of the levy on the City of Adelaide.
  • Demands the State Government withdraws the Transport Development Levy Bill 2013 (SA) immediately.
  • Requests the CEO and the Lord Mayor to communicate Council position to the State Government, State Opposition and State independents in both the Lower & Upper Houses of the South Australian Parliament.
  • Notes that a confidential report will be presented to Council in June detailing the commercial impact of the Levy on Council's parking operations.

Why: With decision of the Upper House nearing on the Tax, I felt it was important for Council to reaffirm its position against the TDL and receive a report on the impact this will have on our U-Park business

East End Parking Improvements

When: May 2014

What: I moved that Administration prepares a report on ways to improve bicycle, scooter and motorbike parking at the East End.

Why: On request from traders I moved the above motion to help provide more spaces for other modes of transport.

Frome Street Bike Lane

When: May 2014

What: I moved that council requests for administration to:

  • Conduct an independent interim evaluation of the Frome St bikeway (southern section) data on usage, immediate and broader traffic and other impacts and provide a report back to the relevant committee, with advice on interim evaluation findings and options to maximise the benefits of the traffic and cycleway and to address any adverse impacts.
  • Present a report to the relevant committee containing options and costings on retaining the bike lane, and using the inside lane as a traffic lane during peak times and parking lanes during non-peak times.
  • On the completion of the above, the Administration to undertake broad public consultation on the findings of the above two reports and bring those findings back, so that council can make a decision moving forward.

Why: Adelaide City Council Smart Move Strategy prompts council to devise ways for a multichannel approach for Transport. As our population grows we need to be able to share and use our roads better. Adelaide has a very high dependency on cars, it’s a cultural thing for us, and we need not apologise for it. With the absence of a State Transport Strategy, it is challenging for people to change their habits without the availability of other means of transport. I do think the Frome Street Bike Lane can be improved to allow for another lane for cars in peak times during the morning, evening and special city events. This motion will provide council with a report that will assist in making such decision.

Peel Street Shared Zone

When: August 2014

What: For administration to prepare and bring back to the relevant committee a report on ways to activate outdoor dining in Peel Street.

why: Shared zones will provide better safety for pedestrians and better outdoor activation for small businesses in the area.

I love Adelaide. We live in the greatest city on earth; one that embraces our history, builds foundations for the present and is a canvas for our innovative future. However, I know our city can be better...
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