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Old RAH & the East End

The closure of the RAH will have detrimental implications on the economic and social viability of businesses and residents in the East End. An economic impact report is a must in determining what will have to potentially replace this hospital moving forward. I will work with the community and lobby the State Government to identify a long-term solution for the Royal Adelaide Hospital site that is beneficial for the East End, the city and South Australia.

Ebenezer & Vardon

With the hospitality boom in the East End, residents and businesses have requested for a shared zone in Ebenezer Place and Vardon Avenue. This will improve on residential amenities, pedestrian safety and better economic outcomes for business in the area.

Scrap the Car Park Tax

Although the Car Park Tax has been scrapped for the time being, I will continue to oppose the State Government’s plan to impose a Car Park Tax in the City of Adelaide, especially in the absence of a State Strategic Transport plan that will need to benefit the city directly.

West End & Hindley Street

Leading on from my last four years on council, I will continue working to implement the Master Plan for Hindley Street, especially the King William to Morphett intersection. This will improve the public realm, cleanliness, safety and day activation of the West End. I will also push to develop shared zones in laneways including Peel Street.

Rundle Mall

Continue on the vision of the master plan for Rundle Mall to deliver laneway activations. Celebrate heritage by lighting up buildings in the mall and support owners in maintaining historic facades. The laneways of the Mall will act as pedestrian connectors to other parts of the city.

The Market Quarter

Deliver on a master plan for the Market Quarter, specifically in relation to connectivity between Victoria Square, Gouger Street, Grote Street, Central Market, China Town and Franklin Street Bus Depot. Identify improvements to the public realm and explore future development potential.

Adelaide, the City of Entrepreneurs

Pinpoint opportunities to help entrepreneurs establish businesses in Adelaide by eliminating red tape, establishing a business activation fund, supporting existing mentorship networks, implementing city-wide free wifi and more open data projects. I believe city based start-ups and businesses should have priority in accessing tenders for Digital and Open Data projects.

Activation & Buzz

Continue supporting Splash Adelaide activities and community activation. Continue working on Christmas in the City bringing Adelaide alight, this event will bring the community together and will help deliver on great city activation projects that will benefit both the community and businesses alike.

Precinct Group Support

Precinct Groups are the foot soldiers of our community. They are mostly volunteers and they work very hard to improve on their surroundings. I will continue to assist precinct groups to do what they do best by increased funding and council support.

Customer Service

Improve council services for residents, businesses, students and visitors. I will work on introducing an Adelaide loyalty card for people or groups that continue to use the city by offering discounts on parking and other council-owned infrastructure. Just another good reason to make a move into the City of Adelaide and make it home for you, your family or your business.

Accessible City

Reduce parking cost and devise a multi-channel transport strategy. For residents comfort and for business to thrive, a city needs to be accessible. We need a multi-channel transport approach for the City of Adelaide. Cars, bikes, buses, wheelchairs & pedestrians should be all equally welcome in our city.

Core Business

Fixing roads and footpaths for drivers and pedestrians should be a high priority for council. Better efficiencies in collecting rubbish, recycling, cleaning and maintaining our parklands.


Promote environmental sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint, greening more spaces and undergrounding electrical cables


Increase safety, security and lighting in darker parts of the city and parklands

I love Adelaide. We live in the greatest city on earth; one that embraces our history, builds foundations for the present and is a canvas for our innovative future. However, I know our city can be better...
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