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    Together we can create a betterADELAIDE
    Seeking re-election | Candidate for Central Ward | City of Adelaide | 2018
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    Hospitality, the Heart of Adelaide's Culture

    Businesses help build Adelaide's Culture, so why hit them with more fees and red tape?
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     We need to implement a plan for economic and social growth during the 2018-2022 council term.
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    Innovation and Start Up Space

    Adelaide is a place for entrepreneurs to trial and grow their ideas.
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    2018 Election

    Prepare for the elections and make your vote count.
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    Building Community Trust Since 2010

    Trusting relationships and delivering for the community is what I stand for.
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    Constructive Conversations

    See what I have achieved for you in my time in office.
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    It's All About the Teamwork 

    An effective council is not one that agrees on everything, but one that is progressive, efficient and reflective of our diverse community.
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    my STORY
    Your vote is valuable! Get to know who you are voting for this election.


I have been devoted to the City of Adelaide for eight years, working as part of our council team to deliver on key outcomes that have transformed our beloved town into a city that we can all take pride in. 


Adelaide is a city for creators, thinkers and believers – a fusion of unique people who embrace our history, have contributed to its foundations and created a canvas for our future. Adelaide is defined by its people; we need to build and retain our strong communities, implement a plan for economic development and ensure residents, workers and visitors relish our city culture.


If we want the best minds to setup in Adelaide, we need the best minds working at Adelaide City Council. The combination of experienced hands and new voices ensures council delivers on its core business, while attracting a promising future. This is the only way to secure the diverse portfolio of people required to drive our missions and secure wins for our state’s capital.


By re-electing me as your Central Ward Councillor, I will continue to champion for the city I love, consulting and supporting the community I am immersed in. Our capital city must support a future for my family and every family in South Australia. Together, we can create a Better Adelaide!


My track record speaks to my character as a solution-driver community leader. I am the elected member you can consistently rely on for outcomes.

- Be the most accessible Councillor

- Lower your cost of living and doing business in the City

- Listen to you and work for you

- Keep Local Government by your side, not in your way

- Deliver better essential services to you

- Make Adelaide more liveable and beautiful

- Encourage the world to discover Adelaide


It gives me great pleasure to serve you as an elected member. Here is a snippet of what we have achieved in creating a betterADELAIDE in the 2014-2018 term.

46 Motions were moved on your behalf and over 90% were supported by elected members.

Each working day, I receive one inquiry from you on average. It is my pleasure to assist and you are always welcome to contact me anytime.

I will always do my best to contact you as soon as possible. In 2014-2018, my average response time never exceeded 24 hours.

Whilst I try to assist you in resolving all your inquiries quickly, most are resolved in less than 3.5 working days.

let's MEET

Date LocationTime
19 September
Cibo Espresso 
32 Waymouth St
 12PM - 13PM
23 September
Felici Espresso Bar 261 Rundle St10AM - 11AM 
25 September
La Moka
16 Peel St
10AM - 11AM
29 September 
Bocelli Cafe
81 Hutt St  
10AM - 11AM 
2 October
Caparezza Espresso
36 James Pl
10AM - 11AM 
9 October 
Zuma Caffe
56, 44-60 Gouger St
10AM - 11AM 

I value your input and will be at the locations below starting from September 19. Otherwise, I will see you on the campaign trail! 


Have your say in the future of your City, through our betterADELAIDE survey. What would you like to see happen in Adelaide?

crucial DATES

- Ballots will arrive from 22 October 2018

- Ballots must be posted by 7 November 2018


- Hand Delivered to 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide by 5PM 9 November 2018

Add to Calendar 11/07/2018 08:00 AM11/07/2018 10:00 AMAustralia/AdelaideLast Day to Post BallotsHave your say in your City, Last Day to Post Ballots or you can hand deliver them to City of Adelaide, 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA 5000 by 5PM 9 November 201825 Pirie Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

make your vote COUNT

- You must fill 3 boxes as a minimum for Central Ward

- Follow the instructions on the Ballot Paper Carefully


I will be regularly posting about my thoughts throughout the election process. Please feel free to share or provide feedback.