Priorities 2018 - 2022

These 12 key priorities are the foundation of my 2018-2022 City of Adelaide Action Plan that talk to the long-term strategic vision of Adelaide for being smart, green, liveable and creative. On this page you will find some of the community priorities for Central Ward. If you have any additional ideas for me to champion for you, please click on the link below and provide me with feedback. 

Keep your Rates Low

I have supported a rate freeze over the last four years of this Council term. Keeping Adelaide an affordable place to live and do business is my highest priority. An Owner Occupier Rate Rebate should apply for both Businesses and Residents that are committed to the City. 

(Strategic Outcome/s: Liveable)

Reduce Strata Costs

To support and encourage more apartment residents, we need to lower strata costs and improve waste management services. Council currently does not provide apartment dwellers with rubbish collection services. How is that fair?

(Strategic Outcome/s: Liveable)  

West End

We need to improve safety, queue management and the public realm between King William Street and Morphett Street and inclusive laneways. West End Day/Night Economy continues to be very important for the City.  

(Strategic Outcome/s: Smart, Green, Liveable & Creative)

Free Outdoor Dining Fees

Council scrapped free outdoor dining in a budget bid after it was successfully implemented for one year. You already pay enough outgoings, and council shouldn’t be double dipping into your profits. 

(Strategic Outcome/s: Liveable)

Market District Master Plan

The Adelaide Central Market is one of the city’s most lovable destinations. Council will deliver on a master plan, improving public space and exploring future development potential for China Town, while providing better connectivity between the surrounding streets and landmarks.  

(Strategic Outcome/s: Smart, Green, Liveable & Creative)

East End

Development potential creates an opportunity for growth in the East End, with increased connectivity via the North Terrace tramline. We will work to improve the public realm by greening throughout Ebenezer, Vardon and Union Streets, as well as improving Rundle Street and the connection through Paxton Walk. 

(Strategic Outcome/s: Smart, Green, Liveable & Creative)

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Using the interactive map below you can browse some of the community new priorities for the 2018-2022 Term.

You can navigate and click on the Blue Pins on the map for Central Ward Initiatives, or the Orange Pins for Whole of Area Initiatives.

What is your Priority?


Adelaide is a great place to live and an even better place to do business. We must cultivate a better environment for companies to set up and stay in the city. I have championed Smart City and 10GIG ADELAIDE over two terms since 2010, and I will continue to do so.

(Strategic Outcome/s: Smart & Creative)

Improved Democracy

Get involved and be heard. We must facilitate public engagement via our social media live feeds, allow Electronic Voting for Council Elections and ensure tenants of co-working spaces can vote.

(Strategic Outcome/s: Governance)

Equitable Distribution

If you are a small or large business or an apartment resident, council doesn’t provide you with the same services that it provides other rate payers. We must support our stakeholders equally. 

(Strategic Outcome/s: Smart & Liveable)

Rundle Mall: Gawler Place

I will pursue the vision of the master plan for Rundle Mall to deliver laneway activations. It’s important to celebrate heritage by lighting up buildings in the mall and support owners in maintaining historic facades. 

(Strategic Outcome/s: Smart, Green, Liveable & Creative)


While Adelaide’s population doesn’t cause the major traffic complications of our other capital cities, we can do better to provide more efficient routes for peak hour travellers across car, bike and public transport and offer safer options for school-goers and pedestrians.

(Strategic Outcome/s: Smart, Green & Liveable)

Education City

Every parent across the globe can feel confident in sending their child to study in Adelaide, as can every mature-aged student comfortably find a work-life-study balance in the city. We must project our walkability, safety and multiculturalism across global education platforms. 

(Strategic Outcome/s: Smart, Green, Liveable & Creative)